воскресенье, 30 ноября 2014 г.


I speak English very bad. But I do this better then speak Czech. Sometimes I feel than I speak only two languages - the native and some foreign. When I cannot find a proper Czech word, I automatically find a proper English one.

But I new Czech language a bit when I moved to Prague. I could explain what I want to people who do not speak English at all. I travelled to Israel in 2013 year. Many Israel people do not speak Russian, and some of them do not speak English. But I was with my friends there, so it was not a problem to buy food, beer or poststamps. I know four Hebrew words - ken (yes), lo (no), toda (thank you) and shlimazl (asshole or moron or something like that).

I'm going to see how many people in Germany speak English well soon. I do not speak German at all. All my vocabulary is written below.

- ausgang
- eingang
- bitte
- aufidersen
- nicht shiesen
- hange hoch
- shaise
- zug
- achtung
- ich will trinken schnaps
- guten morgan
- guten tag

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